Friday, August 28, 2009

Have you heard of a little show called...WICKED!?!

My sister Erin is performing in Wicked the 2nd National Tour and at the beginning of August they were in Tulsa, OK. As a family we decided to fly out and see her and her show. Why Tulsa you ask....well Erin is the understudy to Madame Morrible (one of the semi-main characters) and she had the chance to show the world (or Tulsa) her incredible talents as Madame Morrible. I had not seen the show yet and thought it was a perfect opportunity to see it. It was an AWESOME weekend, not only because I was with my family, whom I L.O.V.E., but becasue Erin was AMAZING! If you havn't seen the show yet you need to see it...and if you want to see it with Erin in it let me know!
Here are some of the highlights!
MapQuest 2...iPhone 7
Sommer with her MapQuest printouts. Let's just say we are lucky Erin has an iPhone with GPS.

The only good thing we were looking forward to about going to Tulsa (besides Erin) was that fact that our hotel had a pool. Of course, as you can see from the CAUTION tape behind Caitlyn and Sommer, that the pool was closed for maintenance while we were there. Thanks for nothing Tulsa!

I spent two days baking homemade goodies for Erin and the family. Everyone loves homemade oreos, chocolate chip cookies, and banana bread!

Erin and her roomie Libby pointing to thier names...they are truly STARS!

Waiting for the curtain to go up!

So happy and proud.

We met Erin at the Stage Door after the show like groupies. We are by far her biggest fans.
i love this picture because caitlyn looks like a beautiful blue giant compared to the rest of us...Erin is actually the only one crouching down, we are a short family!

Erin and her Morrible costumes in her dressing room. One of her dresses is worth $10,000. It is amazing to see how elaborate each one is. They were all so beautiful.

Erin and Mom
Erin with 1/2 her make-up on for Morrible. It takes her awhile to get all dolled up!
For Saturday matinee show Caitlyn and I didn't get tickets, so the Music Director let us sit down in the Orchestra Pit with the musicians. It was so cool to see it from that perspective. It is amazing to watch all the talented musicians doing what they do best, plus it is fun to be soooooo close to the actors. In this picture we are standing by the Directors stand. The phones are how he talks with the stage. They call to tell him when they are ready to start.

Erin as Madame Morrible.
Isn't she beautiful.

Play it up Erin!

My Dad and I went to the Saturday evening show together for our daddy-daughter date. We got to see Erin as her usual Shen-Shen character. This would be the third time I saw the show in two days.

My sisters and I have a little joke about owls. As you can probably tell from my blog background. Erin surprised us with these awesome owl rings when we arrived in Tulsa. I love them...aren't they soooooo cute!

WHOOOO's hand is WHOOOO's?????

Caitlyn being beautiful as we wait to see if we won the lottery.

Erin, Mom, Me, & Sommer
work it sommer!

Sommer and my Mom left on Sunday so it was just the four of us on Monday (dad, erin, caitlyn, and me) and it was Erin's day off, so we had to find some fun things in Tulsa to keep us entertained. We each asked different people what there was to do in Tulsa that was fun. Everyone responded the same..."we have a zoo and a water park." Don't they know you can find those in almost every town in America...we wanted to know what was fun and original to Tulsa. We figured they didn't have anything so we did what we do best: Shopping (at TJ MAXX), Eating, and Bowling.
We went to a resturant called Joe Mommas Pizza. It was really, really good and if you are ever in downtown Tulsa check it out.

Erin and Caitlyn at the biggest bowling alley I have ever seen...50 lanes!
p.s. they had their bowling balls color coordinated by weight and each color had it's own that is my kind of organization. Nice work Tulsa you didn't let us down compeletly!

My cute Dad

Check out my score...I am the E at the top! Yep that's right 139! In case you didn't know or have forgotten...I am the intramural bowling champion of 1999 from Ricks College.




The Wayments said...

Looks like SO SO SO much fun. I'd love to see your cute sister in that role. But probably not in Tulsa. What a crazy place...PS remember that you weren't just a were HEAD cheerleader! Good memories. I am glad you reminded me that you were the bowling CHAMP...maybe megan has some clothes you could borrow since you are a "CHAMP". Love you!

Natalie said...

Fantasticly cool! Your family is totally famous and you're better than everyone at bowling. Your life is a good goal for the rest of us!

Seriously congrats to your sister. Way to follow her dreams, right?

Kajsa said...

i never knew you were that good at bowling! what a fun trip! thats so neat that erin gets to do that! i hear its awesome, maybe someday i can see it!