Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pretty In Pink

For my room mate Staci's birthday we decided to thow her a PINK PARTY!!
I have been on a real baking kick lately, (which isn't turning out so great for my waistline, but amazing for my taste buds), I made these cute pink butter cookes that were delicious and turned your mouth only slightly pink! I also spent the rest of the day making rice crispy treats and cupcakes. Yum!
thanks to whitney for the cookie press
Other than baking yummy treats I also love to decorate for parties and make things pretty for company. I think it is fun to go all out, even for small gatherings!
I made the tissue paper pom poms.
They were so easy and were so cute haning from my chandelier.

These are my two partners in crime: Ali and Alison.
One of the party requirements was to wear pink to the party. As you can see Alison took that very seriously!



Aaron & Erin said...

Very fun! I agree, if you are going to throw a party, you need to go all out!

Natalie said...

I love it! Gotta get me one of those wigs...