Saturday, September 12, 2009

80's Night

A few weeks ago there was an 80's (and 70's) night Institute Opening Social. Of course we couldn't miss out on an oportunity to dress up...espeically when it involved fluorescent colors and side pony tails!
Me (80's Work-out), Alison (80's Rocker), Ali (70's Disco)

Everyone needs a good mesh top!
(p.s. those sweat bands came in handy at the dance...i was so hot and no one noticed!)



Aaron & Erin said...

classic! I'm loving the mesh!!

The Wayments said...

funny thing about the mesh...I swear I saw someone just the other day at the grocery store here wearing a mesh top. BUT, Woo, you are missing the best element of all...only a bra underneath! YIKES! No matter how rockin your bod is, that is never a good look. BUT, loved yours!

Emily Wilson said... are right I should have just worn a bra under the mesh. If I am going to dress up I have to go all out. I am sure the members of Institute would understand that!