Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have been non-stop traveling since November 20th!
And my room, luggage, and laundry have taken a serious hit...
I finally got a week at home.....but I am leaving again!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flagstaff Birthday Extravaganza 2009

In celebration of Alison's birthday we decided to break out the winter clothes and head to Flagstaff. One of Alison's co-workers has a house there and graciously let us stay there. We had such a fun time and it was so nice to get away from 90 degree weather!

On the drive up we couldn't wait to break into the cookie dough...let the party begin!
(Keep your eyes on the road Emily!)

We spent the weekend lounging, watching movies, playing games, talking, and....

Shopping in downtown Flagstaff....

Opening birthday presents and eating a lot of red velvet cake...

and eating...and eating...and eating!!!!

We also went to one of the Flagstaff singles wards with my old friend Bradly Clifford Fox
(for those that know him...get jealous! If you don't know him...get jealous!)


How to entertain yourself...

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Pumpkin Carving
Kevin, Marti, Ali, Me, Staci, and Tim

Kevin hated pumpkin carving...until he thought of a better way!
Yep, he is using a SawAll (or whatever you call it!)...but don't worry he is from Pocatello, so that should explain everything!

Good Times!

Me and Mr. Pocatello himself. Real men don't smile!

I love this looks like the pumpkin is trying to eat the bowl of pumpkin guts!
(This was not staged! )

This was my pumpkin creation. It is cute in a creepy way!
Ward Halloween FHE

Me and John Long (a.k.a. Sweet J)
He loves marshmellows so I made him this cute cookie that looks like frankenstien.

My Monster Cookie
I thought this was the cutest idea.

We had so much fun making these little creatures...and then eating them of course!
Halloween Party

Snow White (allison), Sandra Dee (valerie), Witch (me), Marilyn Monroe (ali)


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


In between cities my sister Erin came to AZ to visit. We had such a good time together. It was a short trip but we kept very busy with shopping, eating, lounging, cooking/baking, and going to the movies.
Erin is such a good cook!
She doesn't get to cook like this on the road.

We had Thanksgiving...boy was it tasty!

The weather is so beautiful in AZ right now that we finally got to go out and eat on the back patio.

I introduced Erin to my new favorite...Cake Popcicles. They are not only delicious, but very cute and festive.

We even had time for a temple session.

Thanks for a great weekend Erin and come back soon. And all you others...come and visit, and you too can have a good time at Hotel Wilson!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

You know you are good friends when... willingly help wax their armpits.

Alison waxing Ali's armpits...ouch!

You know you are REALLY good friends when... offer to pluck the strays!!!!

We are getting up close and personal with this one!

Friday, September 25, 2009

What have I been up to?....

This is the adorable face I get to look at most days! For those of you who didn't know, I have been spending my 'unemployment' days nannying this little guy...JAKE!!! My cousin is a stay at home mom that also works from home, so to help her out (and me) I go to thier house a few days a week. Jake and I have a good time together playing, singing (usually to myslef as he lookes at me with a confussed look on his face), and reading. He also cries when I leave... which I think is a good sign that he likes me!!!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diamondbacks vs. Rockies

My room mate Ali is from Colorado and a HUGE Rockies fan. When she found out that they were going to be playing here in Phx. she was determined to get a group of people together to go. I love going to baseball games it is a great place for people watching...eating ball park food...loud music and cheering...and of course good company!
The Gang
Yoshi, Alison, Tim, Kevin, Staci, me, and John Long!

Me and Ali...Rivals!
The Girls...looking good!

The Boys...questionable!

Why so mad Kevin?

This is the sign that got Ali on TV. All she wanted was to either get on TV or have Tulowizki ask her to marry him...I guess TV will have to do for now!!!
on the other side of the poster it said "i have a fever and
the only prescription is more tulo!"
(for those who dont know troy tulowizki is a young,
good looking player for the rockies!)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Labor Day Extravaganza

My friends and I decided to take a little "roadie" to the Grand Canyon for Labor Day. We were off to the south rim which is 3.5 hours away for a lunch picnic and fun times.....
Well at least that was the plan!!!
Every good road trip requires a hearty breakfast! Thanks IHOP !
Me and my room mate Ali
We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

How many Wheat Thins can you get into your mouth?
Every road trip requires a little eathing challenge.
I had a picture of Brian on here...and I don't know where it went...but he had an ENORMOUS stack of crackers. I swear he ate the entire time. He also took the challenge to eat a hamburger in one bite...he did it!
After what seemed like 5 hours or so Ali and I (from the back seat) asked if we were lost. Alison assured us that she had the directions and since we were having a good time we didn't press the issue too much...but we were starting to get a little worried. Here we are in Page, AZ/Lake Powel. From where I am standing I could have tossed a rock into Utah! We were not only headed in the wrong direction...we were no where near the Grand Canyon. Once we got to the gas station I asked the clerk how to get to the GC and he said that it was 100+ miles away. We did not drive all that way to drive home, so we jumped back into the car and headed in the right direction. Grand Canyon here we come!
Alison (the driver), Me, and Brian (no comment...)
don't even ask what i am doing...i am not sure myself!

Are we ever going to get there?

We made it!
When we arrived at the park ranger told us that we only had about 1/2 hour before the sun was completly set (and we were still 15 miles away) was a race between us and time. We won! We got there in time to watch the sunset, hike, and take pictures for about 45 min.

Emily, Alison, Ali
looking worked from sitting in the car...ALL day

The entire Labor Day Crew finally at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was so worth it to keep on driving and finally get there. It really is a beautiful sight to see.
So the trip started, after IHOP, at 10:00 am. and we finally got home around 3:00 am. total hours 17!

This is a video that I love of my roomie Ali. It shows her fun personality and you can tell why I love hanging out with her...and why being stuck in the back seat of the tiny car was so fun!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

80's Night

A few weeks ago there was an 80's (and 70's) night Institute Opening Social. Of course we couldn't miss out on an oportunity to dress up...espeically when it involved fluorescent colors and side pony tails!
Me (80's Work-out), Alison (80's Rocker), Ali (70's Disco)

Everyone needs a good mesh top!
(p.s. those sweat bands came in handy at the dance...i was so hot and no one noticed!)