Saturday, November 7, 2009


Pumpkin Carving
Kevin, Marti, Ali, Me, Staci, and Tim

Kevin hated pumpkin carving...until he thought of a better way!
Yep, he is using a SawAll (or whatever you call it!)...but don't worry he is from Pocatello, so that should explain everything!

Good Times!

Me and Mr. Pocatello himself. Real men don't smile!

I love this looks like the pumpkin is trying to eat the bowl of pumpkin guts!
(This was not staged! )

This was my pumpkin creation. It is cute in a creepy way!
Ward Halloween FHE

Me and John Long (a.k.a. Sweet J)
He loves marshmellows so I made him this cute cookie that looks like frankenstien.

My Monster Cookie
I thought this was the cutest idea.

We had so much fun making these little creatures...and then eating them of course!
Halloween Party

Snow White (allison), Sandra Dee (valerie), Witch (me), Marilyn Monroe (ali)



erin wilson said...

You are sooooo creative! Love the cookies and your pumpkin was super awesome. Plus, you look BEAUTIFUL in your Halloween costume. LOVE YOU!

countrydreamer said...

You look like you had fun and was busy for the Halloween festivities. ALl of the pictures are great. You look beautiful as a whitch too.

my name is john said...

"Sweet J" - not much of a smiler either...unless marshmallows are involved of course : P

Natalie said...

My oh my you are the hottest witch ever. I just can't get enough of your darlingness. When are you scheduled back in Zion?