Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flagstaff Birthday Extravaganza 2009

In celebration of Alison's birthday we decided to break out the winter clothes and head to Flagstaff. One of Alison's co-workers has a house there and graciously let us stay there. We had such a fun time and it was so nice to get away from 90 degree weather!

On the drive up we couldn't wait to break into the cookie dough...let the party begin!
(Keep your eyes on the road Emily!)

We spent the weekend lounging, watching movies, playing games, talking, and....

Shopping in downtown Flagstaff....

Opening birthday presents and eating a lot of red velvet cake...

and eating...and eating...and eating!!!!

We also went to one of the Flagstaff singles wards with my old friend Bradly Clifford Fox
(for those that know him...get jealous! If you don't know him...get jealous!)


How to entertain yourself...



my name is john said...

The director of that video ... wow
: P

Aaron & Erin said...

Oh Bradley Clifford Fox, tell him I say hi next time you see him!