Tuesday, October 27, 2009


In between cities my sister Erin came to AZ to visit. We had such a good time together. It was a short trip but we kept very busy with shopping, eating, lounging, cooking/baking, and going to the movies.
Erin is such a good cook!
She doesn't get to cook like this on the road.

We had Thanksgiving...boy was it tasty!

The weather is so beautiful in AZ right now that we finally got to go out and eat on the back patio.

I introduced Erin to my new favorite...Cake Popcicles. They are not only delicious, but very cute and festive.

We even had time for a temple session.

Thanks for a great weekend Erin and come back soon. And all you others...come and visit, and you too can have a good time at Hotel Wilson!


erin wilson said...

i love, love, love you! i had such an amazing time!!!

Whitney & Rylee said...

I love you guys!!!

Megan said...

hmmm I need to know how to make cake pops! they are so cute

caitlynirene said...

you guys look giant at the temple...