Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's all about Family!!!

I am going out of order of fun summer activities with this one, but I couldn't wait to post about it. My cousin Amy Wilson loves the game Family Feud and when she found out that auditions to be on the show were coming to Phoenix she couldn't resist. She got an audition time and went out searching for family members that wanted to 'team up.' Well of course I was in the moment I heard about it. I would not miss a fun opportunity like that, especially with all the extra time I have lately. We were still on the hunt for 2 more players (we needed five and Amy, her husband Scott, and I made 3). We have a lot of family here in AZ and thought it would be a piece of cake...but unfortunately EVERYONE had something going on or was out of town. So we called my sister Caitlyn and asked her. Well as you can imagine...she was game. She bought a ticket from Utah just to come to the audition. Not only did she come, but she asked our other cousin, Chelsea Lee, in Utah to fly in with her so we could have a full team. So after a lot of hard work, phone calls, and cheap flights our team was complete! They flew in an hour before our audition and we headed straight downtown. We were one of the last to check in which turned out to be to our advantage. We sat for a few hours watching other families audition while we practiced and strategized. When it was finally our turn to 'play' we got up and killed it! We won both questions and gave a very enthusiastic and fun audition. Well needless to say they liked us and wanted us to stay and talk with them. (very few were asked to stay) They interviewed us, took our picture, and took videos of us. It was so much fun we had a blast. We will find out in 2 weeks if they want us to go to LA for a tapping. I really think that we are going to be picked! Wish us luck.

The Girls: Chelsea, Amy, Caitlyn, and Me
waiting, practicing, and strategizing for our audition.

Scott, Amy, Caitlyn, John O'Hurley(host), Me, Chelsea


This is the guy we interviewed with after we auditioned. He was very cool and we had a lot of things to talk with him about. As most of you know...we know how to talk! We spent a lot of time with him. He asked us to yell the quote above and cheer into the camera...it was hilarious. It was a little weird to have the video camera in your face at first, but we aim to please so we cheesed it up perfectly.

Our questions:

1. What kinds of animals would you find living in your attic?

-I picked Raccoon...and got it! I almost had to use my 'fall back word (banana) because I couldn't think of anything...but then it just came out. I thought I was going to get a strike, but as luck would have it some people have raccoons in their attics...scary!

2. What could you buy from a book store other than a book?

-The other team got three strikes so we had a chance to steal and we chose my answer...Notebooks!....and we won!


Aaron & Erin said...

OHHH I love it! Good Luck you guys! You better be doing your family fued research these next 2 weeks.

The Wayments said...

That is the best story I've heard in a LONG time! I love your fall back word...A team full of sharp cute girls...you are sure to be picked. Can't wait to hear the verdict!

Haley said...

How fun and exciting! What a good looking group of family-fueders! I am a HUGE Family Fued fan and can't wait until you get the phone call to go to LA. Keep me posted!

Natalie said...

You better tell us all when to set the Tvo.