Thursday, August 13, 2009

June 2009: Wilson Family Reunion

Newport Beach, California
Wilson Reunion.
Get ready for a lot of pictures!
This is the Wilson clan...well those who were able to come. We are actually missing a lot of people, hopefully we will see them at the next one.
Wilson's getting silly. I think we need to define what "silly picture" means to some of them!

Bob, Caitlyn, Me, Sommer, and Trish
We really missed Erin (who is on tour with a little show called Wicked) and Andrew (who is serving a mission in Fresno, CA)

Human Foosball
Warning: this is a very dangerous but very fun and entertaining game.

That little head on the far right in the water...that's me!

Caitlyn, Me, Bob, and Sommer chillin' on the beach

Sand Castles

This is my favorite picture of Tate (cousin Terri's son). He is so adorable.

The two of us spend a lot of time playing together. Almost everyday we were there we would see dolphins swimming close to shore. It was better than going to Sea World!

Wilson's are competitive creatures by nature. There was no holding back when it came to beach volleyball.

My Dad...isn't he cute!

Mom, Me, Cait eating s'mores at the bonfire. delicious.

Ladies Luncheon

It wouldn't be a Wilson Reunion without bowling. It's a tradition!!

My cousin Brett has many reptiles that he uses in a show he does for kids. He offered to bring them to the beach house so we could see them. It was really cool. Thanks Brett!

I don't remember what this one was called...but it did have a really cool tongue. P.S. that's Brett!

This is his albino python. So cool!

Trish or otherwise known as Greatest Mom Ever!

This is hands down my favorite picture/moment from the reunion (sorry Caitlyn). She was trying to have a Brittany Spears moment with the snake but then actually had eye to eye contact with it and freaked out. It was so funny.

That snake is SO heavy. Hence the strained smile on my face.


Aaron & Erin said...

Yeah!! Now I can keep better tabs on you. Let the blog stalking begin.

Miss you!

Kajsa said...

what a fun reunion! so good to see some pics of your cute family! i cant believe andrew is on a mission! crazy! and is your sister performing in wicked?

The Wayments said...

I love it! hoo goes are such a little smarty. Cute pics of the reunion. you are brave to have that snake around you...I would have been more like your little I wouldn't...I wouldn't even have touched it! I love love love you! and am so glad you have a it might be time for me to get on facebook

Natalie said...

Holy freaking huge creepiness. That lizard thing is the closest thing I've ever seen to a mini-dinosaur. Yikes. And you'd do Britney proud holding that snake around your neck!