Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Flashback

*Friday Flashback is a day to remember the good old days and reminisce on how things used to be.*
First Day of School
(I know it seems a bit early but school in Arizona has already started.)
At my house we always took the "first day of school' pictures in our cute new outfits. We would spend a lot of time shopping trying to find the perfect outfit to wear on the first day of school (thanks mom and dad!) because it was the most important outfit you will wear all year. I remember laying my clothes out on the floor like a stick figure before I went to bed. One time I was so excited that I wore my outfit to bed so all I had to do is wake up and go! I love going back to school: the new clothes, pencils/crayons, pencil boxes, lunch pails, trapper gets me excited just thinking about it.

This is me on my first day of Kindergarten. I rocked the side pony!

I loved this outfit from the ruffle jean shorts with matching shirt and scrunchie, and the boots! Watch out world!


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Natalie said...

In my personal opinion, you could STILL rock the side pony.

countrydreamer said...

Trapper Keeper...i laughed out loud.