Wednesday, August 12, 2009

May 2009

May was a very busy month...It all started with Caitlyn coming home from London and moving in with me. We had a great time together, especially when we broke into the "candy carry-on."

Caitlyn bought a bunch of yummy candy in London to bring home...she swears it tastes better! It is literally a carry-on bag full of candy. I felt like I was eating candy all the time and by the time she went home we had hardly made a dent. Good times!
I also graduated from ASU with my Masters in Elementary Education. Hooray!

So happy

Whitney, Caitlyn, Rylee, Me at Paradise Bakery

My best friend from California surprised me and showed up the day of graduation. I had no idea that she was coming and bringing her mom and daughter. It was the best surprise ever. I had forgotten that I had actually done the same thing to her when she graduated. We have been BFF since Kindergarten and I think now after 23ish years I think she is stuck with me.

Bob, Trish, Me, and Caitlyn.

Of course my parents came...they are the BEST!
(except it looks like my dad is a stranger trying to get in our picture...
come on dad don't be afraid to get close.)

Mom, Allison, Rylee, Dad, Whitney

I don't know why they willingly tortured themselves by coming and sitting through a boring graduation...even I was ready to leave once they called my name.

Overall May was a great and busy month. Look forward to more
updates with my summer adventures.


erin wilson said...

Hooray!!! A blog!!!!!!


bYea! I am so excited you have a blog.

Kajsa said...

congrats on getting your masters! that is awesome! im glad you are doing a blog! mine is

Natalie said...

It's official: I've added you to my blog roll. Now keep the goods coming!