Friday, February 19, 2010

A Wilson Christmas!

I know your probably thinking...really, another bread picture! You don't family actually let me make the rolls for Christmas Eve Dinner...that is huge since they l.o.v.e. Shirley's. As you can see, I made some good looking rolls...and they tasted delicious :)

The Wilson Gang
(minus Drew...and Mom since she is taking the pic)

My Parents are SOOOOO cute!
While we were waiting for dinner to be done we had a mini photo shoot...there are a ton of pictures of each of us in the kitchen.
You're so probably think this blog is about you!
My mom's Christmas present to Roxy....pretending to touch her!

Caitlyn got a pannini maker for Christmas. We ate pannini's everyday!

Roxy got a new pair of shoes! Let's just say she didn't love them!
It was hillarious watching her try to walk around.
Kesley, Me, Kai
Showing off our iPod nano's

Akward Family Photo's...Sommer and I refused to participate!



erin wilson said...

I should probably explain....I had bronchitis/pneumonia and was home for a total of 24 hours. I do not look good in ANY of these pictures. No judging :)

my name is john said...

I love Roxxi...I can't lie

Mandi said...

Haha I love the Wilson family!! Everyone looks fantastic! Even poor sick Erin!! Miss you guys!!

countrydreamer said...

You all carckme up! Miss you guys and hope to get together soon.

Natalie said...

Well I just caught up on the last month's worth of your blog... love it! All I can say is you are absolutely adorable. I love how your personality comes out in your writing!

Jamie Meacham said...

Mama Trish! Oh, how I miss her. I love your family! I can't believe Andrew is sooooo BIG! A California mission, that is hillarious, but awesome! I love ya!