Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can you think of anything better than homemade bread?

When I went home for the holidays (I know, I know...the holidays were months ago! I am a little behind on my blogging!) I had yet another bread making lesson just to make sure I got it down. This time my mom and sister, Caitlyn, got in on the action. We had a great time working in the kitchen together. By the end of the day we had a lot of delicious bread, rolls, and cinnamon rolls....can you think of anything better? Now I feel confident enough to do it on my own.
Caution: We had just rolled out of bed and got to work so we are looking good in our pj's, hair a mess, and make-up under our eyes (0r no make-up at all!) You have been warned ;)
Caitlyn and I making rolls!

My mom and Aunt Helen love to eat the dough. Personally I think it is gross, but hey, to each thier own!


Let's just say those loaves of bread did not last long in our house!

Want some? Come and visit me and I will make you a loaf!



Rachel and Jacob said...

now i want cinnamon rolls!

countrydreamer said...

My mom would make bread when we were at school and she would have 4 balls of dough for us when we got home. So I am with your mom and sister on the dough. YUMMY. Great to see pictures of the family...Summer too.

Whitney & Rylee said...

That looks fantastic!! Was it hard to make?? You are really becoming Holly Homemaker. . .Miss you tons. . .Come to San Diego and we can make whatever you want :)