Friday, October 15, 2010

Go Bobcats!

Hello blogging's been a long time!

As most of you know things have been pretty crazy for me over the past couple of years, 4.5 to be exact. I moved to Arizona because I needed a change. I just didn't realize how much 'change' I was getting myself into. After living here for about a year I decided to go back to school. Who knew that two l o n g years later I would end up being an elementary school teacher. It was a HUGE surprise to me too, but here I am! That is one of the reasons I have been neglecting you over the past couple of months. I'm sorry, but I now have 24 kids that need my attention most of the day! I started teaching 5th grade in Maricopa, AZ. I started out with 34 kids in my class the first day of school. Let's just say.....I was tired all the time! After about a month the Native American Tribe in the area donated a lot of money to help our schools to have smaller classroom sizes. Thank You Ak-Chin Tribe!!!! They quickly hired a new teacher (one of my good friends) and I was sad to see ten of my cute little students leave, but so grateful. A lot of you have been wanting to see pictures of my home away from home. I actually spend more time here then at my own house! Sad, but true. Sorry for the delay, here they are.....

Come on in....

My darling room mate Ali made my curtains for me...I love them!

This is also a picture to show the 'think desk' where a few of my students spend time at!

This is one of my favorite things in my room. Each student was measure at the begining of the year to show how tall they were. 5th grade is a big growing year, so we will periodically re-measure to see how much growth they have had. You can't tell from this picture but two of my students are already taller than me, and a few more will most likely pass me up soon!!!

The box made with tape on the floor is for the kids backpacks. This makes it easier so they are not trying to get into them all day. On the walls down this small hall are where I display the kids work. They have already done some great things!

How does a first year teacher accumulate so much stuff!

One of my old co-workers used to teach 5th grade and donated all of those books to me. It was one of the best gifts ever. I also have a small bookcase of books my mom gave me from home...but I keep those behind my desk. I don't want my kids touching the books I used to read when I was a little!!!!

Our district requires certain things to be up on our they are.

I had so much fun working with the Cricut my sister Erin bought me! Thanks Erin!

I drew that mountain....I really had to break out my craftiness for this one!

Here are the two fabrics used for the curtains in my room. Ali and I spent so much time at the fabric store one night...I thought she was going to kill me because I couln't make up my mind!



my name is john said...


that's some good stuff em...real good

go bobcats :P

my name is john said...

your mountain looks delicious

Jenna Kae said...

What a cute classroom! I wish you were my 5th grade teacher.

If anymore kids get taller than you, just make them walk around on their knees all the time.

Alyson said...

Emily -- You are AMAZING! This post brings back so many memories of my first (and only) year teaching. I had a growth chart like that too and the kids loved it. You have 24 very lucky students!
I used to have to that same problem with pictures with blogger - I couldn't move them around. Then I accidentally discovered that I could move things around when using Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. That's just my experience - but it worked for me!

heather said...

Emily I love the pictures. You even gave me an idea with the growth chart. I hadn't thought of that and my First graders would love it. I can also give you some links for your reading since it is what I use at my school (Houghton Mifflin right)! You room is so welcoming and organized. You will soon figure out that home is home and school is "work". It took me some time to figure it out but being such a caring and devoted teacher we tend to put our students first. Thanks for sharing and that you are still living life!!

Megan said...

I am so proud of you Woo..... btw you should have a woo ball!

Natalie said...

Your classroom ROCKS. And hands-down, you would be the coolest 5th grade teacher of all time! I bet the kids LOVE having Ms. Wilson. SO PROUD OF YOU!