Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lawrence Welk Show....San Marcos Style!

The San Marcos Ward had its annual Ward Talent Show last month. When my friends wanted to perform a crazy, yet hillarious skit from SNL. I of course couldn't miss out. Our skit is the SNL Lawrence Welk show (found on Will Farrell). You have to watch the original you will die laughing. I was girl #1. It was a little embarassing to sing solo parts...but so much fun. Plus I loved having HUGE hair...thanks Jamie!!! We actually had a few practices before hand to make sure we did it just right. Plus our freind Paul is amazing on the piano and he listened to the music once then was able to play the piano for us. Unfortunently my camera battery died so I didn't get a video...but someone in my ward did and I am trying to get my hands on it.
This is us after...we forgot to take a picture so we quickly got back in our outfits...thats why we look a little disheveled!
Casey (Will), Kelly (weirdo girl), Aly (girl #2), Kevin (Lawrence), Paul (our amazing accompanist), Me (girl #1), and Jamye (girl #3)



my name is john said...

Everyone reading this: Trust me when I say it actually was pretty crazy hilarious

yeah, you can trust me on that

Emily Wilson said...

Thanks John...I knew you were a fan :D

Natalie said...

Can't wait to see the video!